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Kena Acuna - websiteKena Acuña, ACC

For most of her life, Kena (Eugenia) Acuña has supported women – especially women of color – in reclaiming their power, particularly around women’s health. Over the course of her career, Kena has started and led a number of programs and organizations that have impacted diverse communities, both in New York City and in Latin America, including Taller Salud, a women’s health collective in Puerto Rico which is still flourishing 40 years after its founding and is internationally recognized and respected for its work.

“I was already involved in leadership, in empowerment training, counseling, and in popular education, and moving into coaching was a logical next step for me.” So in 2013, Kena completed the Coaching for Transformation program and started practicing as a certified coach.

Kena enjoys working with leaders, both acknowledged and informal, who are committed to social change and to their own transformation. “I love supporting people in the numerous transitions that are part of life and that invite us into the unknown.”

Kena holds a Master's Degree in public health from the University of Puerto Rico and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in psychology from Quinnipiac College. In addition to coaching and training, she meditates, connects with family and friends over meals, and enjoys dancing. “I love to dance—it connects me to my body as well as to my power. Encouraging my clients to move their bodies has become essential to my coaching—it helps us feel grounded.”

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