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Lily HollisterLily Hollister

From the age of 18 Lily has been traveling back and forth to Central and South America from her home in Pennsylvania, USA, where she was born and raised at Lunasi Land Trust - a back-to-the-land hippie homestead in the Endless Mountains. She is based in the North in the summer and in the South in the winter, where she is a member of a regenerative cacao cooperative in an Afro-Ecuadorian village on the coast of Ecuador. Lily has worked throughout the Americas, primarily with indigenous communities in the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon, in the fields of eco-social justice, indigenous rights, intercultural education, and regenerative agriculture. Since completing her coach certification with LTW, she has been working with a broad range of communities, organizations and individuals to catalyze eco-social regeneration.

Today, Lily is starting a family and building the foundations for a permaculture farm at her birthplace in Pennsylvania, focusing on sowing diversity and cultivating justice in many forms. Permaculture is a global movement that supports the crafting of grassroots solutions by designing with the patterns and principles inherent in Nature; it is the process of wedding human ingenuity to the wisdom of the wild. Lily is a certified Permaculture Designer and she is working within an earth-based, coaching approach that is rooted in systems thinking and a firm ethical commitment to caring for the Earth, people, and a thriving, healthy future for all. Lily embodies her belief that wealth takes many forms (financial, material, social, cultural, intellectual, experiential, living, and spiritual) and should be free flowing, so that the causes she cares about can touch the lives of millions. She takes a stand for living her life as an invitation to others to join her in the evolving movement for regeneration and justice on all fronts.




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