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Basics of Facilitation

5 Principles of Facilitation

Common Facilitation Mistakes LTW

Complete Facilitators Handbook

Cost of Hiring a Facilitator

Facilitation Primer

Competencies of a Facilitator

Developing the Group’s Facilitation Skills While We Facilitate LTW

Facilitation, Training, Consultation or Do It Yourself?

Hiring a Consultant: Ten Questions to Ask

IAF Core Competencies


Anagram Ice Breaking Activity


Icebreakers – The Who, What, When and When Not to Do Them

Warm-up Activities

Why Use Icebreakers When There’s No Ice?

Dynamic Facilitation

Co-Creative Dialogue for Meeting Practical Challenges

Comparison of Robert's Rules of Order, Consensus Process and Dynamic Facilitation

Exploring Transactional and Transformational Conversations

Dynamic Facilitation: A Method for Culture Change

Dynamic Facilitation and Group Energy

Dynamic Facilitation as a Resource for Self-Organization

Dynamic Facilitation for Group Transformation

Dynamic Facilitation Training for Activists

Empathy, Collaborative Meaning-Making, and Co-Creating our Future

How to Make a Decision Without Making a Decision

Manual for Jim Rough's Dynamic Facilitation Method

My Own First Experience With Dynamic Facilitation

Practical Dialogue

Report on a Dynamic Facilitation in an Organization

The Wisdom Council

Wisdom Council

Wisdom Council in the Public Sector

Wisdom Council Video V


A Co-intelligent Social Change Agenda

A Personally Transformational Encounter of Left and Right

Crisis Fatigue and the Co-Creation of Positive Possibilities

Deep Democracy and Community Wisdom

Democracy: A Social Power Analysis

Democracy and the Evolution of Societal Intelligence

Democracy and the Precautionary Principle

Democratic Politics of Technology

Diversity is as Big as the Universe

Empowered Dialogue Can Bring Wisdom to Democracy

Experiments in Empowered Deliberative Democracy

How to Make a Decision Without Making a Decision

Is Face-to-Face Citizen Deliberation a Luxury or a Necessity for Democracy?

Learning From Our Evolutionary Past Into Our Evolutionary Future

Learning to be Evolution

Lies, and Our Odd Relationship with Truth

Living Democracy

Not All Differences Are the Same

Resonant Intelligence and the Core Commons

Some Ways We Can Be Wise

Town Meetings on Technology

Using Citizen Deliberative Councils to Make Democracy More Potent and Awake

Meeting Preparation

Agenda Planning

Do More With an Agenda Review

Floofy Meetings

How to Build Safety in a Group

Making the Most of Meetings

Making the Most of Meetings

Meeting Facilitation: No Magic Method

Meeting Formats

Meeting Preparation

Note Taking Guidelines

Sample Agendas

Worst Meeting Ever

Ground Rules

Break the Rules: How Ground Rules Can Hurt Us

Ground Rules

Group Process

Process Team Checklist

Talkers and Listeners

The COEUR Model: Facilitating Transformation LTW

Turning Unproductive Behaviors into Productive Interventions LTW

Action Planning

How to Write Power Action Plan

The Goals Grid – A Tool for Clarifying Goals & Objectives

What To Do When People Don't Follow-Through


Criteria for Choosing Co-Facilitators LTW

How Do Co-Facilitators Support Each Other LTW

How Do Co-Facilitators Develop Shared Trust LTW

Interactive Co-Facilitation: Training Programs that Rock LTW

The Dance of Co-Facilitation: Transparency for Full Engagement LTW

What Do We Do When Our Co-Facilitator Gets Sidetracked LTW

Conflict Management

Confronting With Care: An Approach that Builds Trust LTW

Dealing With Conflict

Got Conflicts?

G.R.A.C.E at Work: A Model of Transformational Workplace Relationships

How to De-escalate a Conflict

Innerwork: Working on Your Issues with Someone (Whether or Not They Come Along)

Learn an Easy Way to Handle Any Conflict V

Queries During Conflict

The Cycle of Conflict V

The Golden Circle V

Three Chair Model

When Upset Arises During a Meeting


Comparison Chart Between Consensus and Robert’s Rules of Order

Consensus Attitudes

Consensus Basics

Consensus Decision Making

Consensus Decision-Making: What, Why, How

Consensus Queries

Flow Chart of the Consensus Process

The Importance of Nurturing Dissent in a Consensus Process

The Special Place of Blocking in Consensus

The Top 10 Most Common Mistakes in Consensus Process and How to Avoid Them

Values that Underlie Consensus Decision Making


Active Reviewing

Debriefing Learning Activities LTW

Debriefing Models LTW

Debriefing through Journal Writing

Favorite Debrief Questions LTW

Five Stages of Debriefing LTW

How to Wrap up a Debrief LTW

Making Large Group Debriefs More Engaging LTW

Decision Making

Decision Theory in Complex Systems

Group Decision Making

Handling Inappropriate Blocks in a Consensus Process

Participatory Decision-Making LTW

Possibilities for Transformational Conferences

Reopening Decisions

Send It to Committee


14 Important Laws of Learning

How Learners Are Motivated

Increasing Interactivity in Virtual Classrooms

Principles of Adult Learning

Really Rapid Instructional Design Tips and Techniques V

Examples of Facilitation

Facilitating Heart Connection in Prison LTW

Short Facilitation Scenarios

Facilitation Tools

Facilitating Transformation: 30 Examples of Group Facilitation Skills LTW

International Association of Facilitators Methods Database

Numerous Tools and Methods for Problem Solving

Group Process

Closed-Eye Group Process

Cultural Sharing

Restorative Practices

Embracing the Feedback of Conflicts

Our Justice System Requires Us To Punish Wrongdoers. Is There A Better Way?

Restorative and Transformative Justice: A comparison

Restorative Circles V

Restorative Circles and the Heart of Justice

Restorative Circles Open Dialogue and Healing between Brazilian Institutions and Gangs

Restorative Justice in Oakland Schools: Tier One. Community Building Circle V

Rochester's Underground Justice System

The Most Important Thing To Know About Conflict

Towards Peace and Justice in Brazil: Dominic Barter and Restorative Circles

Violence Begets More Violence

Skills for Facilitators

5 Principles of Facilitation

35 Facilitation Skills LTW

Common Facilitation Mistakes LTW

Empowerment: Five-Fold Path

Holding Space

How to Build Safety in a Group

Methods for Assessing Level of Agreement

Powers of the Role

Roles of the Facilitator

Strategizing For A Living Revolution

Taking Stock of Taking Stack

Task and Maintenance: What Makes it Work?


A Manifesto for Nonviolent Revolution

An Open Letter to Anti-Oppression/Diversity Trainers

Anti-Oppression Workshop

Diversity & Consensus

Doing Your Detective Work: Figuring Out What a Group Really Needs When They Request an Anti-Oppresion Workshop

Getting Started with Online Training and Facilitation

How Effective Are Training Games?

How to Design a Workshop

Into the Streets! Training as a Tactic

Lessons from the Borders: Empowering Participants with Disabilities and Transgender Participants

Make Anti-Oppression a Strategy Issue

Muscle Building for Peace and Justice; A Nonviolent Workout Routine for the 21st Century

Right on the Tip of Our Tongues: Considerations for Training in a Second Language

Taking Play Seriously

Taking Stock of Taking Stack

Tips for White Trainers Leading Multi-Racial Groups

Training for Change: Moving from Theory to Practice in Adult Education for Empowerment

Using Positive Psychology to Organize for Social Change

What's Racial Justice Training Got to Do With It? How Things Look After 25 Years of Anti-Racism Work

Training Activities

Ankle Walk

Community Building Exercises

Encyclopedia of Improv Games

Fishbowl Observation Challenge

Fishbowl, Panel and Speak Outs

Games from Bernie DeKoven

I Am the Center

Index to Group Activities, Games, Exercises & Initiatives

Maximize Minimize

Pacing and Transitions Practice

Personal Scavenger Hunt

Puzzle Squares

Roles in Groups

Short Facilitation Scenarios

Song Lyrics that Bring Groups Together

Stepping Stones

Task and Maintenance: What Makes Groups Work?

Team Types

The Big Wind Blows

Thiagi’s Archive of Games

Training Games

Values Into Action

Walking Across the Room

Training Activities in Diversity

Community Building Exercises

Diversity Interviews

Free Time – How it Feels to be Excluded

Not Fair

Power Shuffle

Mainstream & Margin

Walking Across the Room

Event Calendar

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