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The Power of Coaching
A Free 90-Minute Teleclass

Do you want to help people grow, both personally and professionally?

Would you like to be a change agent who supports lasting transformation?

Do you want to change the culture of your organization so that people are fully engaged?

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Do what you love.
And make the world a better place.

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If you’re an aspiring or experienced coach who cares about consciousness, heart connection and social change, you’re in the right place.

We offer a variety of world-class coach training programs, ranging from 90 minutes to 11 months long. What makes our trainings unique? Our expert faculty go beyond theories, principles and models and work with clients on a deeper level. You learn how to coach the whole person: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

If you’re considering investing in a transformational coaching program, our FREE intro teleclass, the Power of Coaching, is a great place to start.

Watch graduates talk about their experience
of Coaching for Transformation.

What to Expect from The Power of Coaching Teleclass

During a 90-minute Power of Coaching class, you will:

  • Learn about our holistic approach to coaching
  • Take away 3 coaching skills that will instantly impact your conversations
  • Listen to a live coaching session with a seasoned coach trainer
  • Practice real-life, hands-on coaching on the call
  • Find out what makes Leadership that Work’s programs so unique
You can also ask any questions you like about coaching or our programs. During the call you will receive a special offer to further explore if the Coaching for Transformation program is right for you.
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Join the Power of Coaching Free 90-minute teleclass

The Power of Coaching class gives you an experience of our coaching programs, so you can see why people from over 30 countries take our trainings—and rave about them. 

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Wed, November 30, at 1 PM (Eastern) with Pernille Plantener
Wed, December 14, at 7PM (Eastern) with Belma Gomez

We value profound learning. That’s why we build in lots of practice coaching time. Even during this very first class. Our goal is for you to take away solid coaching skills that you can use immediately.

You’ll also find out what our coaching programs are all about. By the end of the call, you’ll have enough information to make a clear decision about which coaching program is right for you.

These classes are suitable for aspiring and experienced coaches. Register now to receive call-in details.

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Leadership that Works

Leadership that Works, Inc. | PO Box 224, Troy, PA USA | Phone: 570-297-3333
Email: info@leadershipthatworks.com 

Our Mission is to develop transformational coaches and facilitators who empower evolutionary leaders and social entrepreneurs to develop sustainable, collaborative organizations. We take a stand for whole person transformation, and bring diverse voices into the field, developing multicultural competencies in coaching and facilitation. Read More

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