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Kanya head shot bw.jpgKanya Likanasudh, MDiv.

"At the age of 12, I left my home in Thailand to study alone in what was then called Madras, India. I was forewarned by our guide not to give any money to beggars when we got off the train. But then a small skin-to-bone child who was probably my age approached me for money and I gave it to her without a thought. A small school of kids came out of nowhere surrounding me stretching out their hands to my face. The guide rescued me while I stood motionless.

These few minutes left an indelible mark on my memory. Together with my other experiences living in England and America, I experienced the world from the perspective of an outsider and at the same time, I had a profound sense that inside we are all the same. We want love. We want to give love. We want to belong and be treated with respect and dignity.

In the heart of the Silicon Valley, I became, on the outside, a successful professional in the computer software field. On the inside, I was so far away from who I deeply am. With the sudden death of my mother and a diagnosis of cancer a year later, I was shaken out of my normal busy life. Thus, I began the journey of discovering and returning to who I really am."

Kanya returned to live in Thailand in 2009, where she works as a consultant, trainer and coach in communication, conflict resolution, and personal growth. She provides communication skills training and supports teams with conflict resolution. 

Kanya has worked in prisons, schools, and hospitals, changing the culture so that people collaborate on the organization’s toughest challenges.

Kanya gets people to talk to each other so that everyone can see the big picture, appreciate the challenges they face, and reduce tension among team members. She helps senior leaders and workers at every level hear each other’s concerns and then create solutions that work for all.

Her light-hearted style puts people at ease. By telling the truth about things that are not usually discussed, she gets people laughing and sharing at a deeper level. She embodies an open, compassionate facilitation style that engages people in difficult conversations and builds connection. She helps people talk about different levels of power and privilege without judgment, to that they can explore the heart of the matter.

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