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Wendy Rodriguez, ACC


“I love to help people and always knew I wanted to work with people in a healing capacity. Growing up I was that friend that anyone could go to for a listening ear.  In high school, I felt most alive and aligned in psychology class. I could feel the pull of this calling."  

However, I was a poor immigrant kid determined to end the cycle of poverty within my family. So I set aside that calling for a career in finance. Over a decade later I was at a crux. The finance career did its job, but I felt unfulfilled, so I hired a life coach. That is when the light bulb went off and I knew coaching was the path I wanted to follow.”

Wendy likes to surround herself with healers: people who are in tune with their own humanity and are courageous enough to show up uncloaked for all the world to see, and compassionate enough to extend a hand to others so that they too can do the same.  LTW makes it possible to do the deep self-exploration needed to be truly tapped into one’s passion and highest desires for a fulfilling life and career.

“Hailing from the South Bronx, I’m part of the melting pot of cultures: an migrant, finance professional, Latina. All parts of me show up in my teaching and coaching, which creates a safe space for others to embrace and engage all their parts in their explorations.”

Wendy earned a Bachelors in Finance from SUNY New Paltz, and spent 12 years as a finance professional in both for-profit and non-profit sectors. Since 2010 she has worked at a non-profit focused on financial literacy in underserved neighborhoods in NYC.

Wendy likes to enjoy the rest of nature in Central park and she crochets. She’s on a mission to get in touch with her Taino indigenous ancestry and enjoys attending events that facilitate this journey. She also spends her time supporting indigenous communities, like the Lenape Ramapough of Manahata, in their efforts for self determination.  

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