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Bay Area Coaching for Transformation Gathering Includes Kids

By Belma Gonzalez  November 20, 2012


Hi All,

On Sunday November 4th, Coaching for Transformation (CFT) trainers Johnny Manzon-Santos (and baby Andrés), Dewey Schott (holding Andrésito), and Ernest Mark (and his daughters Olive and Juniper; Olive's in the photo) came to hang out with our 2012 CFT Bay Area cohort. Johnny, Dewey, and Ernest are teleclass leaders with this group and they came to meet everyone in person and to answer questions about coaching, coaching practices in the nonprofit sector, and just have a nice time getting to be with the cohort. (I love that they're under Movement Strategy Center's sign that says "Home").

The group loved meeting Johnny, Dewey and Ernest. I think everyone learned from one another and they valued creating community with each other. Rebecca Aced-Molina was our assistant for the weekend. Rebecca is a CFT grad from the first CFT - Bay Area Program cohort and a member of the practice that grew out of that first cohort called Coaching for Justice (as is Dewey). I'm thinking of inviting C4J folks for a similar gathering to also provide an opportunity to build community and to learn more on how it is to be a coach in the social sector.

Having the kids there was fortuitous. I think for most of us, a big reason we do this work is motivated by our commitment to the children in our lives and leaving them a better world - so it was very appropriate having them with us.


Bay Area 2012 Cohort Gathering 2


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