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Coaching and Community Nutrition

By Kim Fowler  March 12, 2013

Kim Fowler2


Virginia Kellogg and I have begun a program with the Michigan Nutrition Network that trains community providers participating in SNAP (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly food stamps). The intention is to train these providers to use coaching to shift behaviors around nutrition and physical activity in low-income communities in Michigan.

On our first Peer Circles call, which was an opportunity for people to talk about how they were using the coaching, one person talked about bringing a coach approach and skills to statewide meetings of their partners. The impact was significant with these partners looking at what causes them to come from a place of disempowerment in these meetings and then shifting to an empowering stance and tackling problems from there. Another person in the Peer Circles call talked about bringing the skill of challenging into elementary school classrooms. Students come up with their own challenges and are accountable to their teachers about what they chose to do.

Both of these examples had me doing a happy dance in my office chair! I am excited for what is possible for this group, I am deeply honored and thrilled to be part of their training experience, and I get to lead with Virginia - I mean, what is not to like about this job?!

If you're inspired or curious and would like to learn more about what we're doing please feel free to contact me.

Kim Fowler


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