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Expanding the Nonviolent Communication Practice With Coaching for Transformation

By Emma Collins  November 17, 2014

Plant in StumpAs someone committed to deepening my understanding and growth through nonviolent communication (NVC), I have worked for a long time with an empathy buddy on a weekly basis. We meet and take turns listening and supporting each other through various NVC practices with the intention to increase our skills and effectiveness with each other and with clients.

About two years ago, something was changing about the way my empathy buddy, Pernille, was coaching me. She was changing in front of my eyes every week. Her process was different, her questions deeper and I often left our sessions feeling even more inspired than usual. One of the main differences I could see was that I was taking more action than before as a result of sessions and seeing shifts in my own life.

What was the cause for change? Pernille was adding new tools to her coaching toolbox through the Coaching for Transformation (CFT) program. And she was really enjoying it. So much so that even though I already had completed a coaching program in the UK, I decided to pursue the certification course myself.

As I began the CFT process, one of the first things I noticed was my confidence increased – I wanted to take clients deeper, I was more willing to take risks, ask powerful questions and to challenge them. There was something about the foundations that were given to me in this course that really gave me something to stand on.

With this new foundation, I also found more clarity and purpose when working with my clients, and as a result my clients and I experienced more tangible results to celebrate. I guess the reason for this is that once you know where you are going, when you get there, you can really celebrate it.

One of things I personally love about CFT is that needs awareness is embedded throughout the program; in this way it is very aligned with NVC practices. In Nonviolent Communication, we want to develop awareness of our own needs and the needs of other people and then, from that connection, discover creative strategies in order to meet those needs. The skills I learned in CFT helped me support clients to connect to their deepest needs, and to go beyond what initially seems possible.

I am continually surprised and delighted to see how inviting clients to trust their own wisdom and knowing empowers them to design lives they love!

Pernille and I are such big fans of Coaching for Transformation, and how it’s enhanced our NVC background, that we’re co-facilitating the first European Coaching for Transformation certification program next year in Germany.


About the author:

Emma CollinsEmma Collins is an Associate Certified Coach, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a graduate of the Coaching for Transformation certification program. Originally from the UK, she has been living and working in Switzerland since 2010, offering transformational coaching along with international workshops on Compassionate Communication, Empathic Leadership and Transforming Conflicts. She is also a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator Candidate.

Today she supports individuals who want to live powerful, wholehearted lives through 1:1 coaching combined with mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication practices, and through transformational workshops to groups and organizations.


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