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LTW and NTL Institute Announce Strategic Partnership

By Charlotte Morse  October 7, 2014





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We are very excited to announce a new partnership between the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science (NTL) and Leadership that Works (LTW). Our shared intention is to expand the field of coaching by developing extraordinary certified coaches who are committed to cultural awareness, social change and organization transformation.

We are planning for a long-term, sustainable partnership where NTL and LTW realize our shared vision of developing edgy coaches who support social justice and organization development.

NTL brings:

  • 67 years of experience in research and empowering leaders to create a socially just world
  • A global network of more than 300 faculty members
  • Depth, rigor and academic research in the fields of Organization Development, Leadership, Diversity, and Coaching
  • Strong relationships with thousands of leaders in both nonprofit and for-profit organizations

This partnership will bring a heightened level of quality and rigor to the Coaching for Transformation program, plus provide opportunities for continued development and expansion of the coaching field.

A warm welcome to our partners at NTL!


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