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Facilitating Transformation - 2 days and 4 zoom calls


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Creative techniques and technical skills for working with groups

Our communities, our organizations and even our loved ones desperately need better tools to face the complex challenges of our times. The problem is, we don’t actually have enough well-trained facilitators who can lead groups effectively and hold the space for conversations where true change can occur.

Powerful gatherings aren’t just about getting the work done or making sure everyone gets to talk. The best gatherings provide structure and efficiency and space for transformation.

That’s why we’ve created a program to help you master facilitation skills.

Facilitating Transformation: Creative Techniques and Technical Skills for Working with Groups will equip you to energize your participants and adapt to any group. Get ready for a new age of working with people and fully unlock the brilliance in your groups.

There is an incredible world of being in the flow, and many facilitators don’t even know it exists. Flow is more than having the confidence to roll with whatever comes up. When you let what people say sink in and let it change you, the group joins the flow. Believe it or not, most facilitators, even very experienced ones, have never learned the technical skills that support co-creativity.

The key skills we will explore & practice in this program are:
  • Creating a container - Co-create supportive, brave space to keep people in integrity with group agreements.
  • Delivering on goals - Stay aligned with with every activity, conversation and word you speak.
  • Setting context - Develop the art of illumination by sharing the reason for an activity and how it supports moving toward the shared goals.
  • Leading an activity - Learn the 5 key aspects of leading an activity to ensure full engagement.
  • Adding color and aliveness - Apply key components to your activities to enliven and maximize creativity in your groups.
  • Reading your group - Discover how to internally read a group’s energy and also check in to build awareness.
  • Debriefing an activity - Bring out the big learnings by creating reflective space and asking a simple progression of questions.
  • Giving and receiving feedback - Practice two unique, powerful feedback models for giving, receiving and responding to feedback.

Our Unique Approach

Our programs are experiential, fun, and deeply transformational. What makes Facilitating Transformation unique is that you learn to:

  1. Connect deeply with people’s hearts. As you help people open up to their longing, your own authentic vulnerability contributes to real connection and builds community.
  2. Work with resistance. When you embrace the positive intent of every participant and honor their needs, you can overcome your most difficult challenges as a facilitator.
  3. Quickly build trust in any group. By starting small and slowly increasing mutual consent, your group finds the courage to open up, take risks and find their learning edges.
  4. Support diversity and inclusion. Instead of the “calling people out” culture and its tendency to stimulate shame or defensiveness you will explore how to “call people in” to meaningful, transformational conversations about power, privilege, and culture.
  5. Awaken creativity. When you support movement and spark the imagination, your sessions come to life.

What's more, we emphasize facilitation mastery. Each time we practice a skill, we get more creative and that gives us the confidence to step into leadership and trust. For instance, we’ll practice offering rapid feedback, and focus on different aspects each time: your body language, the group energy, the quality of heart connection, the way you use your voice, how your language resonates, the clarity of the content, your pace, and more.

If you practice a skill only once, you are likely to struggle or freeze when you apply it in the real world. You may even lose the trust of the group. When you master each skill, you are far more likely to help your group succeed.  

When you create a space of balance between fun and work, you can maximize relaxation and harmony while supporting group cohesion and effectiveness.

Follow-up Zoom Calls to Develop Mastery

After the October 6-7 session, this community of facilitators will go out into their own worlds, try out new techniques and come back together for 4 monthly zoom calls to keep breathing life into the embers of our learning. Here we’ll give each other feedback, drive home concepts, and deepen the integration of our skills.

The top goals of this learning community are to help you:
  • Increase awareness of foundational technical facilitation theory
  • Add more aliveness and creativity to your activities
  • Bring even more depth and courage to your conversations
  • Create environments that support risk taking and expression
  • Hone techniques that help you adapt to any group or setting
  • Work effectively with any resistance in the moment

We’ll explore some of the common pitfalls you might face as a facilitator...
  • A few people are talking considerably more than others
  • Someone gets triggered and lashes out
  • A participant wants to take over as facilitator
  • Something intense is shared and the group moves on without acknowledging the pain
  • You lose connection with the group, but you don’t know what happened

In this program, you’ll learn how to address these issues and discover how to love a group back into sync.


Dates and Time

October 6-7, 2018

9am - 5pm PT


Sacred Stream Center
2149 Byron Street
Berkeley CA

Contact Information

Martha Lasley 

Warren Hooley


      The cost includes tuition, books, handouts, articles, and the assessment tool.  Dr Ple Testimonial 300


      Warren Hooley

      400 workshops facilitated + 95 days of facilitation training + hundreds of hours mentoring = One HECK of a Facilitation GEEK! ;)  Warren is from the Okanagan Territory in British Columbia Canada. Having mixed roots of Okanagan indigenous, Irish and Ukrainian, Warren brings experience from all sides of his lineage to his work as a facilitator. For the past 8 years, Warren has passionately chosen a career of facilitating groups and delivering workshops on the topics of Creative Facilitation, Healthy Masculinity and Compassionate Communication. Today, living in Vancouver BC, Warren is passionate about creating a world where everyone can thrive and succeed to their own definition.

       “I believe awareness deepens in human to human interactions, where each person feels heard and understood. For these interactions to be effective, we must learn new skills to support them. My work has been focused on teaching these tangible skills and helping create environments where we can practice, give feedback and share vulnerability as a means for transformation.”


      Martha Lasley 

      As a founding partner of Leadership that Works, an organization that coaches visionaries for social change, Martha has trained thousands of dynamic coaches and facilitators. She works with movers, shakers and changemakers to support profound personal and organizational transformation. 

      Martha has written three books: Coaching for Transformation, Facilitating with Heart, and Courageous Visions. For ten years she was on the faculty at Capella University where I taught MBA courses including: Coaching and Developing Others; Facilitating Change; Leveraging Workplace Diversity; and Teambuilding. As a certified trainer for the Center for Nonviolent Communication, she has had the privilege of leading many International Intensive Trainings with Marshall Rosenberg, and serving on the CNVC International Intensive Training Resource Team.

      "As a white woman and an elder, I am humbled to be part of Showing up for Racial Justice, a group that moves white folks into accountable action through community organizing, mobilizing, and education. Each month I get to host the meetings for Coaches for Equality and Diversity, a community of coaches who have a passion for understanding and addressing power, privilege and oppression. I am committed to authentic, fearless, compassionate disruption of racism and sexism, and care deeply about creating a culture of shared power. One of my greatest pleasures is leading Authentic Communication Groups, where folks use Nonviolent Communication and Internal Family Systems to explore power dynamics, give and receive real feedback and offer empathic support."

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