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Facilitation that Works - 2 days


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Revolutionize your meetings and the people who attend them...

Powerful meetings aren’t just about getting the work done or making sure everyone gets to talk. The best meetings provide structure and efficiency without sacrificing human connection.

If the meetings in your organization are universally despised, that’s probably because the facilitators simply don’t have the skills. Instead of sitting through boring, stifling meetings, you and your colleagues can learn solid techniques for energizing people, getting buy-in and achieving results.

Rather than watching people constantly check their phones, you can discover how to lead meetings where participants fully engage and collaborate. Your meetings can bring out the best in people and produce extraordinary outcomes.

Excellent facilitators do more than manage meetings. They support participants to develop their facilitation skills so that in turn, they can lead their own meetings which transforms the organization. Vital creativity is released and people are liberated to build the capacity of the organization.


Dates and Time

April 20-21, 2018

9am - 5pm PT


Berkeley CA

Contact Information

Martha Lasley 

Warren Hooley


The cost includes tuition, books, handouts, articles, and the assessment tool.  Register early and take a discount.Dr Ple Testimonial 300


  1. CREATING THE CONTAINER - Setting the Tone for Aliveness, Effectiveness, Inclusion, Authenticity and Risk Taking

  2. INTENTION & PURPOSE - Creating Dynamic Agendas, Opening with Provocative Questions, and Co-creating Outcomes

  3. FACILITATION SKILLS - Tracking, Naming what’s Present, Reframing, and Embracing Polarities

  4. GROUP AWARENESS - Listening Deeply, Expanding Cultural Awareness, Exploring Power and Privilege, Synthesizing

  5. FULL ENGAGEMENT - Reading Group Energy, Honoring all Voices, Listening for Needs, and Balancing Facilitator Roles

  6. CLOSING - Action Planning, Accountability, Evaluation and Closure

What you will experience

Our core values are woven throughout the curriculum:

  • Connection: Supporting compassion and understanding across differences

  • Diversity: Fostering inclusion, where individual differences are valued and leveraged to create synergy

  • Compassion: Translating judgment into understanding, curiosity, and interdependence

  • Transformation: Adapting to change and taking advantage of growth opportunities

  • Transparency: Sharing information, observations, and interests openly and caringly

  • Vision: Unleashing passion to create a more desirable future

What you will learn

Our bold approach to facilitation gives you practical tools to:

  • Support heart connection and inclusion
  • Deepen understanding of group dynamics
  • Build energized, productive teams
  • Expand cultural awareness and humility
  • Create a culture of shared power

Throughout the program you get to work on real-life challenges and get feedback and mentoring on your facilitation skills.

Who should attend

Anyone who runs meetings—especially if the topics are hot or the stakes are high—can benefit from becoming a more dynamic, creative meeting facilitator. Leadership that Works attracts people who are:

  • Visionary Leaders and Changemakers

  • Social Justice and Community Organizers

  • Project Managers, Coordinators and Facilitators

  • Coaches, Consultants and Entrepreneurs

  • Educators, Trainers and Teachers

The program supports both new and experienced facilitators. If you convene meetings or offer training, you’ll gain new tools to generate creative ideas, solve tough problems, resolve conflict and make decisions collaboratively.

Program structure

The program includes experiential activities, small group practice, and demonstrations. You can take advantage of advanced reading material and the Facilitation Skills assessment tool.


Warren Hooley is half Okanagan, half Caucasian and from the Syilx (Okanagan) territory in Penticton, BC. He graduated from the En’owkin Centre under the National Aboriginal Professional Artist Training Program. For the past five years, Warren has passionately chosen a path of intensive personal development and facilitation training. He is a conscious, genuine and empathetic facilitator. Currently living in Vancouver, Warren reflects on why he has chosen to put so much of himself into what he does, "I realized after five years that I do this because it’s what my heart calls for… Every fiber of me knows it’s what I’m meant to do. I believe that we must build a foundation on which everything else can grow. That foundation is found within spirituality, emotional mastery and holistic balance — and we have to laugh along the way!"


Martha Lasley is a founding partner of Leadership that Works, where she supports  leaders and social change activists to develop compelling visions, improve their communication, bring spirit into team building, and develop a coaching culture. She has authored three books: Coaching for Transformation; Facilitating with Heart; and Courageous Visions. Martha is a certified trainer for the Center for Nonviolent Communication and has led many International Intensive Trainings with Marshall Rosenberg. She coaches visionary leaders and social change activists to develop a culture of collaboration and support. She has presented several programs at the annual conference for International Association of Facilitators, including “Facilitating Difficult Conversations,” and “Coaching for Personal & Organizational Transformation.” 

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Our Mission is to develop transformational coaches and facilitators who empower evolutionary leaders and social entrepreneurs to develop sustainable, collaborative organizations. We take a stand for whole person transformation, and bring diverse voices into the field, developing multicultural competencies in coaching and facilitation. Read More

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