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Coaching for Self Leadership - 6 weeks in Japanese and English

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Deepen your Coaching Skills in Six Weeks! 

As coaches, our goal is to support self leadership. We create space for deep self empathy so that clients can honor their values and lead from compassion, curiosity and courage. Coaching is a powerful process that helps people address the most challenging issues of our times.

In this course, we will explore 6 aspects of coaching that support leadership:

  • Embracing the positive intent of the inner critic
  • Supporting alignment with the 8 aspects of Self
  • Experiencing the moment
  • Honoring the wisdom of the body and emotions
  • Deepening awareness of power and privilege
  • Calling out the power

The journey inward includes listening empathically to the wisdom of the internal committee, including the 8 types of inner critics. As you help people self-empathize with their harsh inner voices, they learn how the parts of the psyche are trying to serve and what they are protecting. Critical messages can be transformed when we uncover the positive intent and the needs they are trying to meet. 

One of the most precious gifts we can give our clients is the movement toward self alignment, where their inner world and their outer world match. With a few simple tools, we can support them to access their confidence, clarity, and self-connection. As part of the coaching process, the client moves from awareness, to alignmen, to action.

One of the pathways to alignment is to support clients to experience the moment. By staying in the here and now, our clients become aware of what matters deeply. Honoring their energy, their aliveness, their language, and their longing are all part of this process of awakening.

The body is an amazing resource that we can tap just by getting curious. We will dive into our deepest emotions: witnessing our most vulnerable experiences that we have never dared to feel. At the center of every emotion is pure energy – an exquisite need. It may sound counter-intuitive, but delving into painful experiences can be a revitalizing experience, because it brings us into contact with our deepest need for acceptance.

Most relationships are impacted by the dynamics of power and privilege. As coaches, we can support deeper awareness of systemic issues. From there, we can help our clients build awareness of how they wish to interact when they have less power and privilege, and how they want to interact when they have more.

The practice of calling out the power helps our clients honor their deepest longing and create the kind of world they want to live in. Asking clients to step into their power is a gift. When we challenge them to become more of who they already are, their energy shifts and new possibilities emerge.

Join us for 6 weeks of experiential learning, with plenty of time for demonstrations, practice and feedback.

Who Should Attend

Coaching for Self Leadership is an ideal choice if you want to expand your capacity to hold empathic presence and create space for your clients to move into awareness and leadership. 

You will also see an immediate benefit of applying coaching skills in your workplace, making this a valuable investment in your personal and professional development. At the same time, you will build your confidence as a change agent as you invite people to take action that reflects their inner power, creativity and authenticity.

This learning community attracts Nonviolent Communication practitioners and many others:

  • executives, managers, and leaders from all sectors
  • social justice leaders, community organizers and activists
  • social workers, therapists, and counselors
  • organization development consultants and human resources professionals
  • educators, trainers and facilitators

Regardless of your field, your coaching skills will help people create a better future. You can use this program to become a professional coach or use your coaching skills to enhance your career.


Dates and Time

June 25 - July 30, 2018

6 Teleclasses for 2 hours on Mondays at 8 pm Japan.

Contact Information

Martha Lasley



Early bird rate through June 1, 2018: $495

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Martha Lasley, MBA, PCC, is a founding partner of Leadership that Works, where she works with leaders and social change activists to develop compelling visions, improve interpersonal communications, bring spirit into team building, and develop a coaching culture. She has authored three books: Coaching for Transformation; Facilitating with Heart; and Courageous Visions.

Martha is a certified trainer for the Center for Nonviolent Communication and has led many IITs with Marshall Rosenberg. She is a co-founder of Leadership that Works, a group that supports personal and organizational transformation. 

She coaches visionary leaders and social change activists to develop a culture of collaboration and support. She has presented several programs at the annual conference for International Association of Facilitators, including “Facilitating Difficult Conversations,” and “Coaching for Personal & Organizational Transformation.” 

Makiko Imai Makiko Imai is a leader in the NVC community in Japan. She will translate this series to Japanese.

Our faculty members have an unwavering commitment to your growth as a coach and their own continuous learning. Our dynamic international team is committed to every participant becoming an excellent coach. To that end, you can count on our faculty to:

  • Co-create a safe, courageous learning environment where you can take risks
  • Give you straightforward, rigorous feedback
  • Challenge you to step into your power as a coach
  • Make room for every voice and keep group learning our first priority
  • Take advantage of learning opportunities that emerge live in the moment
What Our Graduates are Saying about  becoming a Certified Coach





I was blown away by the vulnerability, caring, and generosity of the instructors. I wanted that authenticity. They opened up a whole new world for me. Life changing. Worth every penny and more. —Sarah Lightfoot

The CFT program was the most challenging, uplifting and life-changing experience that I have ever had. —Rowena Zabrodsky


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Faculty Group Belma Jagruti Dewey Johnny EVENTChoosing a coaching program can be a daunting process. We've made it easy for you to experience the Coaching for Transformation holistic approach during a FREE 90-minute teleclass.

During the Power of Coaching teleclass, you will

  • listen to a "live" coaching demo
  • experiment with basic coaching skills
  • participate in an interactive Q&A session

By the end of the call you'll be ready to start using the new skills you've learned, plus you’ll have the information you need to make a clear decision about whether Coaching for Transformation is the best coach training program for you.


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