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Coaching the Duality of Grief and Joy


Dates and Time

March 17, 2020
11-12:30 pm ET

    90-minute webinar

    Contact Information

    Jagruti Gala

    (570) 297-3333



    Grief is itself a medicine.' - William Cowper

    Grief is more common and unattended to than we know, and Joy is more elusive and not accessed than we imagine! These are two basic, very natural states of being human and being part of community and yet, we do not have enough capacity to experience them fully. In that is a loss.

    This webinar is an invitation to step into the heart of these two states, both contained within the other, and to reflect on how coaching can support our clients to grow through and with these emotions.

    The webinar will draw upon collective life wisdom and 'collected' wisdom from the bodies of work to learn more about:

    • the nature and language of grief
    • stages of grief
    • how to be present to allow grief
    • what heals the grief
    • the colour and life of joy
    • how to invite more joy of the being

    We will harness the power of story, empathy and imagination to enable healing and transition. You are invited to join this webinar and circle of healing. 

    Your Facilitator 

    Jagruti Gala, PCC central focus over the past decade has been to bring change into the world of children (new consciousness) through educational spaces and family life. She is the founder and active director of two non-profit organizations in the space of education in India. Jagruti’s deep spiritual core is brought to life in her energetic coaching style. She is known for holding and creating clarity – situational and conceptual. She is also versatile and creative in designing and approaching the topic. 

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    Graduate class - Coaching the duality of Grief and Joy - March 17, 2020
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