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Attract Clients, One Powerful Conversation at a Time - 6 weeks


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Find and Sign on More Coaching Clients, One Powerful Conversation at a Time

    What’s the best way to share your passion for coaching?  

    How do you introduce a potential client to your style? Adding Powerful Conversations to your toolbox will help expand your range and grow your client base. During this series, you’ll learn invaluable strategies to build your practice, one powerful conversation at a time. Instead of selling, you’ll be doing what you do best: deep coaching. During these conversations your potential client will experience your unique style of coaching and discover whether working together is a fit.

    In addition, you’ll create a unique 30-day challenge for yourself to invite people into powerful conversations. Working with partners both during and between class sessions will grow your expertise. Plus, you will have access to material via an online platform to enhance your learning. Together, we will go further than we can go alone!  


    “If you love coaching, but traditional marketing feels awkward, join me and learn how to build your coaching practice in your own authentic way. I used this strategy to build my coaching practice, and you can too!” - Sarah Lightfoot


    Session 1: Learn how to connect with potential clients through powerful conversations

    • Discover the attitudes and the actions that ethical and powerful coaches use to connect.
    • Invite potential clients into a coaching relationship -- in an authentic conversation.

    Session 2: Powerful Conversation Roadmap   

    • Learn the key “milestones” of a powerful conversation: invite, outline agenda, build conscious relationship, coach, reflect on the value, discuss next steps, and follow up.
    • Role play inviting people into a powerful conversation by practicing with a partner.

    Session 3: Create your personal 30-Day Challenge

    • Jump-start your coaching practice by creating a 30-day challenge for yourself to: connect with potential clients; serve them in a powerful conversation; and invite them into a client relationship -- if they are a match.
    • Design your life-giving 30-day challenge goals so you don’t depend on others’ reactions to you, but rather the life-giving actions you take to connect powerfully with yourself and those you are serving. Set a date to start!

    Session 4: Dive into inviting, outlining agenda, and building conscious relationship

    • Learn how to create a conversation with “step backs” that encourage clients to internalize the impact and value of working with you.
    • Practice conversation steps with a partner.

    Session 5: Dive deep into coaching, reflecting on the value, discussing next steps, and building in follow up protocols.

    • Hold potential clients as resourceful during powerful conversations as you tell them your fees with confidence.
    • Attune to your own internal process during powerful conversations to help you decide whether this is the right client for you.

    Session 6: Building Momentum: asking for “shout-outs” and referrals, plus identifying enhancements to your Coaching Stand to support your 30-day challenge

    • Learn how to ask for shout-outs and referrals, and how to make it easy for those you ask to fulfill your request.
    • Address any resistance to the Powerful Conversation Process & your 30-day challenge.
    • Create new elements of your coaching stand and celebrate success!


     Sarah Lightfoot helps Executive Directors and social entrepreneurs secure the financial resources to create change in the world. Through leadership coaching and organizational consulting, her clients learn mindsets and skills that get results. She has a thriving coaching and consulting practice, including an intensive fundraising coaching accelerator for social entrepreneurs and Executive Directors. Learn more about Sarah at her website.



    Our Guarantee:

    Registration is risk free. We're so confident in the quality of this program, that we guarantee it. If after the first class you are not fully satisfied, just send us an email and we will return your fee, no questions asked.


    Dates and Time

    Thursdays 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm ET

    September 7, 14, 21, 28
    October 5, 12

    Contact Information

    Sarah Lightfoot


    • Early Bird rate before July 7th $245

    • After July 7th $295




    This event is no longer available for registration.

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