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Deep Coaching: Changing the World, One Heart at a Time - 3 days


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Dates and Time

February 9-11, 2018

Friday–Sunday: 2 nights
Friday 7:30–9:00 pm
Saturday 8:30–11:30 am and 1:45–3:45 pm
Sunday 9:00–11:00 am


Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

PO Box 309
57 Interlaken Road
Stockbridge, MA 01262


Making a Difference

Do you long to make a real difference in the world while maintaining a sense of balance and wholeness? Discover how transformational coaching helps people clarify their life purpose, create authentic relationships, and deepen their impact. As an energized agent of change in your own life, you can support profound personal growth and social change in your organization and community, using coaching skills to bring love and healing into a hurting world.

 Learn to reach to the edges of your potential as you help others cultivate deep self-connection, body wisdom, emotional resilience, and cross-cultural connections. Your clients can integrate their inner wisdom with their spiritual essence to create meaningful, wholehearted lives. As a transformational coach, you support heart connections and transform fear and doubt into awareness, joy, and movement.

Leadership that Works programs and cross-cultural teams cultivate wildly creative, vulnerable, and supportive spaces that help you to make a difference.


Martha Lasley, MBA, PCC, a founder of Leadership that Works, helps people experience the alchemy of shifting blame and judgment into compassion and love. Martha and her partners create results-oriented programs that inspire, motivate, and transform. She supports the transformative power of coaching by creating safe space for people to push their boundaries. Martha earned her MBA from Syracuse University, is a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication and is a professional member of the Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Science. She has written three books: Courageous Visions; Facilitating with Heart; and Coaching for Transformation. She served on the faculty and coached MBA students at Capella University for ten years.

Sharon Brown, MS, PCC, is a coach, author, and trainer who specializes in culturally aware coaching and community applications of coaching. Drawing on years of corporate experience, Sharon Brown trains coaches and teaches coaching skills in workplace, school and community settings that enhance communication and collaboration, as well as catalyze transformation and action. Sharon’s commitment to serving communities and their residents spills over into her personal life where she co-leads a women’s circle at a homeless shelter, is an Alternatives to Violence Project lead prison workshop facilitator, and served on non-profit boards focused on community development and collaborative communication.

What Our Graduates are Saying


The supportive community and experiential focus was so valuable. There’s nothing better than learning by doing. There was a tangible sense of non-judgmental, unconditional acceptance, and a holistic approach to human existence taking into account the soul and the spirit as well as the everyday physical reality. On a professional level, as a psychotherapist, this course has added a new dimension to how I practice, not only in using many of the new skills I’ve learned, but also in how I see my clients as whole and resourceful. On a personal level, I have my own sense of wholeness and most importantly more self-acceptance. I’m more open with myself, more willing to take risks to put myself out there, and very excited about that. Sharon Taub

After 20+ years of facilitation and process design, I wasn't sure how to continue growing. I felt I had hit my learning limit. Coaching has broken down those walls! Before I felt constricted and limited with few opportunities for growth, and now there are no limits! It's a wide open boundary-less landscape ripe for risk taking and discovery. Gracias for your transformative visionary work. You keep me believing and having faith in pushing for my dreams. —Ernesto Saldana

The coaching course rejuvenated me. I’ve never had this much impact—I’ve strengthened my intuition and my approach is a return to the old—it feels ancient, sacred, and intuitive. The biggest change in my life is that I feel free and I am not afraid. —Leslie Brown

This program has been a great self-discovery journey. It has opened me as a person and professional. It has made me powerful and strong internally. I have discovered the power to give birth to myself, any number of times that I choose. —Shekkhar Kulkarni

The most valuable outcome for me is that I am more open. I used to be controlling and judgmental but I’ve made a complete 180 degree change in the way I coach and train. Now I dive in, take risks and create a space where we can learn together. I care deeply, bring in more curiosity and I’m more vulnerable, which helps clients deepen their own awareness. —Nancy Smyth


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Martha Lasley or Sharon Brown

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