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Pathways to Alignment - 5 months


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Dates and Time

April 3 - August 14, 2018
2-hour teleclasses on Tuesdays 7-9 pm ET
(see full schedule below)




Pathways to Alignment expands your impact as a coach as you stretch beyond the basic application of coaching skills and take your clients deeper and wider than ever before. Combining your coaching skills with the 5 pathways from Leadership that Works' signature Coaching for Transformation certification program gives you a structured process that results in powerful, long-term coaching strategies. During the 5-month program, you will learn each of the 5 pathways from our experienced senior faculty: Needs and Values, Expanding the View, Experiencing the Moment, Envisioning the Future and Embracing the Shadow. The 2-hour highly experiential classes are delivered via Maestro and Zoom video conferencing.    

About the Pathways

The Pathways to Alignment equip you to take clients deeper than "figuring out" what they want to do. You will take them into the experience of their core aliveness. Grounded in what resonates at the soul level, their life choices become more purposeful, rich and satisfying.

The five pathways to alignment remind people to connect with their core essence. Each process engages clients with their core aliveness and deepens self-connection. For instance, values clarification is one of the powerful ways to invite clients to "come home" to themselves. This "coming home" speaks to the core principle of valuing diversity, where all parts of self are welcomed home. Each pathway helps clients clarify what matters most and reconnect with their creative, resourceful core. Each pathway to alignment supports self-awareness, which leads your clients to deeper confidence about their direction, choices and action.

Five Pathways

Exploring Needs and Values: Help your clients become conscious of their underlying needs so their core values snap into focus. This awareness provides a blueprint for making decisions. When clients become aware of what motivates them, they create energized, values-driven action plans.

Experiencing the Moment: Whether facing daunting obstacles or cool opportunities, invite your clients to experience the present moment. As they honor the intuitive wisdom of their bodies, explore their emotions, and embrace resistance, they can connect with their authenticity and life force before moving into action.

Expanding the View: When your clients hold limiting beliefs, you can help them explore and embody a wide range of viewpoints. This playful approach helps clients release disempowering viewpoints and embrace new possibilities – and new ways of being.

Envisioning the Future: Discover new methods of visioning that help your clients awaken. Learn how to open new possibilities by engaging the right brain, visualizing, and creating a more compelling future.

Embracing the Shadow: Explore multiple parts of the psyche and embrace their positive intent. Working with your clients’ inner world inspires them to honor all of who they are—and connect to the deep reservoir of wisdom known as the Self.

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Program Components

In this highly experiential learning environment, you will participate in teleclasses on Tuesdays from 7-9 pm EST.

  • 40 teleclass hours
  • Weekly online discussions

Student Requirements

Students are required to fit one or more of the categories below to be eligible to apply and must complete an application to enroll:

  • Leadership that Works Community Coaching Certification (CCC) Alumni
  • Leadership that Works Coaching for Transformation (CFT) Alumni
  • Graduate from an International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Program
  • Completion of at least 60 hours of an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program or Approved Coach Specific Training Hour program
  • Completion of at least 500 hours of paid coaching (non-certified participants) 
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Teleclass Dates

  1. April 3, 2018
  2. April 10, 2018
  3. April 17, 2018
  4. April 24, 2018
  5. May 1, 2018
  6. May 8, 2018
  7. May 15, 2018
  8. May 22, 2018
  9. May 29, 2018
  10. June 5, 2018
  11. June 12, 2018
  12. June 19, 2018
  13. June 26, 2018
  14. July 3, 2018
  15. July 10, 2018
  16. July 17, 2018
  17. July 24, 2018
  18. July 31, 2018
  19. August 7, 2018
  20. August 14, 2018

What is the time commitment?

You can expect to spend an average of 2-4 hours per week throughout the program. This includes attending and preparing for classes, practice coaching, reading assignments, and online discussions. Many participants also take advantage of the materials in the resource library, which features videos and recordings of live coaching and more than 1,000 articles.



Early bird rate through March 3, 2018: $2,995

This 40-hour program is part of an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited coach training program and is eligible for ICF Continuing Coach Education (CCE) hours. You can apply CCEs toward your ICF credential application or renewal.

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Five senior faculty will each lead a pathway:

  • Needs and Values 
  • Expanding the View
  • Experiencing the Moment 
  • Envisioning the Future 
  • Embracing the Shadows 

Sharon Brown, PCC trains coaches and teaches coaching skills in workplace, school and community settings that enhance communication and collaboration, as well as catalyze transformation and action. Sharon’s commitment to serving communities and their residents spills over into her personal life where she co-leads a women’s circle at a homeless shelter, is an Alternatives to Violence Project lead prison workshop facilitator, and served on non-profit boards focused on community development and collaborative communication.

Ernest Mark, PCC brings over fifteen years of experience as an executive coach and organizational development consultant in the social justice sector. As he works with people in transition, Ernest helps his clients connect with their passion, values and what's most important in life with an awareness of body, stance and presence.  Ernest is certified as a Professional Co-Active Coach and a Professional Coach and received a Bachelor’s degree from Tufts University.

Belma González, PCC has been providing assets-based, culturally aware coaching to nonprofit and social justice activists since 2004. She works with diverse, multi-generational clients on leadership enhancement, change management, work/life transitions, balance and fulfillment. Belma has coached participants of thirteen leadership development programs; all with an eye to strengthening the nonprofit sector and social justice movement. Belma is a co-founder of Prism Coaching, a group of coaches of color who consider the identification, understanding and use of cultural influences as assets.

Guthrie Sayen, PhD, PCC trains coaches in the Coaching for Transformation program and works one-on-one with healers, helping them unwrap the gift of their pain so they can heal others more deeply. As a True Purpose Coach, he helps healers find their soul's purpose so they can make the difference they were designed to make. He is also trained in Psychosynthesis, Voice Dialogue, and Internal Family Systems.

What Our Graduates are Saying

I was blown away by the vulnerability, caring, and generosity of the instructors. I wanted that authenticity. They opened up a whole new world for me. Life changing. Worth every penny and more. —Sarah Lightfoot

The CFT program was the most challenging, uplifting and life-changing experience that I have ever had. —Rowena Zabrodsky

The supportive community and experiential focus was so valuable. There’s nothing better than learning by doing. —Sharon Taub

The program has been the single most important learning experience I’ve had in over a decade. CFT helped me remember my core values, quirky strengths, and love for community and connection. The program enabled me to trust my intuition and take creative risks, and in turn, it provided me with the tools to help clients do the same. —Jessica Balboni

Coaching for Transformation is an outstanding coach training program that delves into areas generally mentioned but seldom taught. I received formal coach trainings from various schools in the last ten years but this is the first time a program has actually taken me into areas of developing intuition, working with client and coach's vulnerability, allowed coach to experiment with transformative pathways. This program is highly recommended for anyone interested in becoming a highly competent coach, but even more recommended for those who, like me, spent years coaching and are searching for mastery. —Isabelle Min

Coaching for Transformation affected my way of working from the very first teleclass. As an organizational development consultant, I learned how to trust the inner wisdom of my clients. A new ease, flow and beautiful connection between me and my clients have opened new opportunities for growth and change. —Annika Schabbauer

The most valuable outcome for me is that I am more open. I used to be controlling and judgmental but I’ve made a complete 180 degree change in the way I coach and train. Now I dive in, take risks and create a space where we can learn together. I care deeply, bring in more curiosity and I’m more vulnerable, which helps clients deepen their own awareness. —Nancy Smyth

 I have never in my life experienced learning so empowering, joyful, rewarding and life changing. The course is the best thing that has happened to me in years and worth every penny! I highly recommend participating if you are interested in contributing to change that matters. —Daniela Herzog

The impact of Coaching for Transformation on me personally is magical—the quality of my life and relationships has improved because I’m letting in love and learning. —Dara Silverman 

Contact Information
Leslie Brown


This event is no longer available for registration.

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