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The Power of Coaching - 1.5 hour free webinar



Dates and Time

July 18, 2019
12-1:30 pm ET

    90-minute webinar

    Contact Information

    Nancy Coco

    Kathy Grosso

    (570) 297-3333



    Explore Coaching

    Get a taste of our training and what coaching is about in The Power of Coaching, a FREE 90-minute webinar.

    • Learn about Leadership that Works’ two certification programs: Coaching for Transformation and Community Coaching and discover which program aligns best with your life’s path.
    • Gain practical coaching skills you can begin using right away in your personal and professional relationships.

    What You'll Learn

    • What coaching is and, just as importantly, what it’s not
    • How to fuse the awareness of mind, body, soul and spirit
    • Why coaching with a cultural lens helps your client see the world anew
    • How to build influence by engaging people’s hearts
    • How to ask empowering questions that help people bring bold, creative solutions to light
    • Why students love our down-to-earth, transformational training programs
    • How to choose the affordable training option that is aligned with your goals

    Plus, you’ll receive an exclusive, attendees-only special offer!

    Who Should Attend?

    Attend The Power of Coaching if you want to:

    • Transform yourself while catalyzing change in others
    • Launch a career as a certified coach
    • Create a healthy coaching culture in your organization
    • Be an influential community organizer
    • Transform the lives of people in underserved communities
    • Find the power within you to do more than you ever thought possible
    Your Facilitator 

    Nancy Coco, CPC, coaches people who are undergoing life transitions and finding their voice as writers. A lifelong teacher and learner, Nancy served as director of a professional development network for educators at Penn State. Nancy helps people step into their power and access the courage to transform their self-doubt into self-confidence and success. Her greatest joy is supporting clients with loving compassion on their journey. She trusts that serving as a curious, loving witness will transform shadow to light.

    Kathy Grosso, ACC, has created a coaching path that is built on a desire to embed coaching in communities and organizations. “Making coaching skills available and accessible to as many individuals and organizations excites me and grounds me in my desire to work within and for community.”

    Contact Information
    Nancy Coco


    This event is no longer available for registration.

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