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Coaching for Self Leadership - 1.5 hour free webinar



Dates and Time

Wednesday, October 16, 2019
11 am - 12:30 pm ET

Contact Information

(570) 297-3333

Coaching for Self Leadership is a free webinar for Coaching for Transformation and Community Coaching Certification graduates.

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During this 90-minute free webinar, Guthrie Sayen will introduce you to Internal Family Systems (IFS), a way of working with clients that has transformed his coaching practice.

IFS has three aspects: It is a simple map of the human mind that honors human complexity and individuality. It is a method for working with various parts of the human mind to bring healing and transformation. And it is a way of life that transforms the practitioner and helps to see the world in a way that promotes compassion for all, no exceptions.

Guthrie has distilled four axioms from IFS to help you understand yourself, your clients, and the world. The four are:

  1. We all have many parts, or subpersonalities. The human mind is naturally multiple. This multiplicity is normal, indeed, healthy. Problems arise when parts take on roles they are not prepared for. They might start criticizing us as a way to help us improve.
  2. All parts are good. No matter how dysfunctional a part’s behavior, its intention is positive. It is trying to help by keeping us safe or ensuring connection. There are no bad parts, only bad roles. This is a radical idea that takes some getting used to.
  3. We are Self. This is your core, the you that is not a part. It is your essence. It is inborn, fully developed, and cannot be hurt or injured. It is the seat of awareness, and it is naturally calm, confident, compassionate, creative, and wise.
  4. The goal of all coaching is Self leadership. The goal for the coach is to access and coach from a minimal amount of Self. The goal of all coaching sessions is to help the client access and live from a minimal amount of Self. The way to access Self is to get the parts that run our lives to step back and come into relationship with Self. IFS has a way of doing this.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understanding that establishing trust and intimacy with a client depends on first establishing trust and intimacy with one’s own parts.
  2. Understanding that coaching presence depends on accessing a critical mass of Self in oneself.
  3. Understanding that the North Star for every coaching session, for both coach and client, is Self leadership, that is, to access a critical mass of Self, which is just enough Self energy to be curious and compassionate about the inner world.
  4. Understanding that all parts of the client are welcome—no exceptions. What’s in the way is the way.
  5. Understanding the three relationships: coach with their own parts, coach with client, and client with their own parts. Change is relational.


Guthrie Sayen, PhD, PCC, created the Coaching for Self Leadership model, which is based on the core insights of Internal Family Systems, the most revolutionary psychotherapy model now being practiced. He created the curriculum for Coaching with Spirit, the ICF accredited coach training program offered by The Graduate Institute. He designed the advanced Parts Work Series coach training program offered by Leadership that Works. He has trained coaches for the True Purpose Institute and has mentored hundreds of coaches at all stages of their careers.


This event is no longer available for registration.

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