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Bring On Your Bravery - 12 Weeks




Registration is open now!

  • January 15th - Winter Quest

Future 12-Week Courageous Quest Dates:

  • April 15th - Spring Quest
  • July 15th - Summer Quest
  • October 15th - Autumn Quest


100% Online

Contact Information

Gina Kellogg


Bring on Your Bravery

Bring on Your Bravery is an online experience designed by Leadership that Works co-founder, Gina Kellogg, and her daughter, Lily Hollister. Together they have a combined 40 years of experience catalyzing innovative shifts in individuals, organizations and communities all around the world. 

They crafted this offering in response to a need they were seeing emerge in the world: the need for bravery. This course radically shifts the way we are invited to rise to meet the needs of the world while doing the work that is uniquely ours to do in this precious lifetime.  

Anyone paying attention can see and feel the converging crises that humanity faces today. Both uprising and collapse are becoming more common, perhaps even coming to a neighborhood near you. In response, both Lily and Gina saw a novel frontier for growing the capacity of people to support themselves and others in these times of unrest; to step beyond the personal growth paradigm and begin ambitiously trying to impact whole systems.

We began asking:

  • How can we rise to meet the challenges in our lives & in the world with our full heart and courage engaged?
  • How can we support others to think really BIG and really BRAVE about the potential impact they could have in their life?
  • How can we reclaim our bravery we were born with, and begin to notice the courage in all the unseen and uncelebrated acts of heroism we all do? Because it pretty much happens every day...
  • How can we become the hero of our own story?

This program is offered in the spirit of the gift, on a “pay what you can” model. You’ve really got nothing to lose and everything to gain. We are taking a BIG LEAP OF FAITH and offering this course to the world on a “pay what you can” model. We invite you to step with us into a place of radical generosity, gratitude and courage to engage in the Gift Economy.  As a reference for you, other online courses on courage cost between $50 and $800.

Learn more about the Gift Economy on the Bring on Your Bravery website.

We are committed to sparking a movement of brave souls who are not letting fear hold them back from doing their core work for a more beautiful life & world. 

Are you ready to become a brave ancestor to future generations? Join us on one of our 12-week quests for courage, where we really get to the heart of the matter.

When you join a quest, you have lifetime access to the materials, because cultivating courage is the journey of a lifetime. Visit the Bring On Your Bravery Website to learn more about the developmental online learning experience we have created for you.

Upon completing this course, you will understand more deeply who you are and what your big work in the world can be. And most importantly, you will no longer let your fear hold you back from doing it. Life is too short to play it safe.

Fast forward one year from now – what could be different? …No, Really... What would you do if you were being your most brave, authentic self?

We are excited to collaborate and take your work in the world to the next level!

Imagine yourself in 2020...

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Contact Information
Virginia Kellogg

To register: https://kelloggsisters.com/bring-on-your-bravery/?wpam_id=5

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