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In response to COVID-19, in-person classes are currently being delivered virtually via Zoom. See individual courses for details.

For positive energy and resources for coaches, visit our Coaching Collective.

Transforming the world.
One heart at a time.

Power of Coaching Register Now

Transforming the world.
One heart at a time.

Power of Coaching Register Now

3 Ways to Work With Us

Coaching for Transformation: Become a certified coach
Coaching for Community Transformation: Transform your Community
Organization Transformation: Transform your Organization

3 Ways to Work With Us

1.  Become a Certified Coach

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  • Professional coach training awakens passion and expands cultural awareness.
  • This coach certification program offers a holistic approach to personal and professional growth.
  • Join our distance learning or in-person programs by checking out our courses

2.  Transform Your Community 

  • Put coaching skills into the hands of your community members to create a force for change.
  • Instead of calling in outside experts, empowered community members develop inspiring action plans.
  • Develop leadership across sectors by joining the Community Coach Certification program in Oakland, New York, Detroit, D.C. or Battle Creek

3.  Transform Your Organization

  • Inspired employees become wildly creative and productive. They resolve conflicts. They share power. They come to life.
  • Leaders and rising stars develop change initiatives that your entire organization rallies around.
  • Change agents collaborate to improve the triple bottom line: people, planet and profits. Find out more about how to Transform your Organization 


Success Stories

Leadership that Works has helped thousands of people create fulfilling careers. Here, graduates from our signature coach training program, Coaching for Transformation, talk about what surprised them about becoming a certified coach.

    Our Unique Approach

    For information on our most popular program, read 9 Reasons People Choose Coaching for Transformation.

        3 Reasons to Become a Certified Coach

        1. Make Big Changes

        Through our coach training programs, you can help your clients, employees, or community members create a better world. Our programs attract people who are committed to social change, but need the tools to support lasting change.

        2. Launch a Fulfilling Career

        Are you stuck in a high-stress, boring, or meaningless job? Do you want to help others awaken to their full potential? With coach training, you’ll help people make lasting changes in their lives—and make the changes that the world needs now.

        3. Find Financial Freedom

        Do you want a flexible work schedule with financial freedom? As a coach, you’ll be your own boss. Work your own hours. Most of our students attract paying clients before they graduate.

        3 Ways to Get Started

        1. If you are wondering if coach training is for you...

        take a free teleclass or an intro course

        2. If you are ready to start your coach training...

        become a Certified Life Coach or a Certified Community Coach

        3. If you are already an experienced coach...

        take your coaching to the next level with our advanced courses or contact us about transforming your community or organization.

        Power of Coaching Register Now

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        Leadership that Works

        Leadership that Works, Inc. | PO Box 224, Troy, PA USA | Phone: 570-297-3333
        Email: info@leadershipthatworks.com 

        Our Mission is to develop transformational coaches and facilitators who empower evolutionary leaders and social entrepreneurs to develop sustainable, collaborative organizations. We take a stand for whole person transformation, and bring diverse voices into the field, developing multicultural competencies in coaching and facilitation. Read More

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